People involved in creating and running the Foundation hope and believe it will continue to be supported by all caring people of good will and loving hearts, by many social, political, charitable and church organizations and by all those who have never in the past left such calls for help unanswered.

What can be more noble and humble than helping sick and helpless children? We ask you to please look deep within your heart and conscience and then give. Do not give until it hurts, but rather until.. you feel good about it and proud of yourself. You will then understand the true meaning of charity. For some it may be Christian charity, for others simply human charity and solidarity in misfortune.
When preparing your Will please remember the Magda Tomczak Children's Aid Foundation. We sincerely appreciate your generous contribution to the Foundation.
Please send your tax deductible contribution to:

The Magda Tomczak Children's Aid Foundation

PO BOX 78153, RPO Callingwood, Edmonton, Alberta,
Canada T5T 6A1

Revenue Canada Taxation Reg. No. 0913640-0